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  • Reasons Why You Should Become a Member:

    Why should you become a Member of the Florence Chamber of Commerce and what can the Chamber do for you?

    • We offer a chance to make a difference by joining with other members to improve the quality of life and the economic climate of the community.
    • We keep our members informed through meetings, website, news releases and special events.
    • Publicity and exposure for those who play an active role with the Chamber for themselves and for their business.
    • New business contacts is a major reason that many people get active with the Chamber so they get to meet and network with other business people.
    • The Florence Chamber of Commerce promotes and works to keep money circulating at home, turning over within our community.
    • Our tourism and events promotions bring people to our community, people that you can work to convert to be one of your customers.
    • The Chamber is the voice of the business community to local government, and on the state and national level. It is constantly working to develop a better climate for doing business.
    • The Chamber maintains a data base with statistics and information of all types. When a member needs help, we try to do our part.
    • The Chamber gets many requests for goods and services each month and we refer these to our members.


    Our Chamber is a voluntary organization of citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program. The Chamber is people working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural interests of the region, community and area.

    Every individual, firm and profession derives direct business benefits in a growing stable economy. Such an economy is the result of your Florence Chamber's efforts. Come join with us, The Florence Chamber of Commerce, and see new business blossom.