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  • Briefly called Brooksville, the community dates from the early 1850s. The name change came about with the opening of the post office in 1857. The first postmaster was from Florence, Alabama although Florence Brooks, the daughter of the town's first merchant is also considered to be the source of the name.

    After the Civil War, wheat, cotton and cattle were the town's economic mainstays, and by the 1890s the town was prospering with the stores, mills, hotels, and lodges typical of a central Texas town on the rise. Untypical businesses included a stone quarry and a cheese factory.

    A short line railroad (the Bartlett and Western Railway) was in operation from 1912 until 1935.

    Its population reached 1,000 people - just before the Great Depression - when it fell below 500. It has, in the last few years, surpassed the previous record.

    Mission Statement

    The Florence Chamber of Commerce is committed to the  promotion of  business prosperity and a healthy community by providing information, services and advocacy for its members.

    History of Florence

    In the early 1840s, pioneers from Mississippi and Tennessee traveled in Ox-drawn wagons and settled in the area known today as Florence. Florence was part of the M.J. Wells survey, a grant from the State of Texas in 1848.

    In 1851, Mr. Brooks built a house and general store near Salado Creek. He named his new town Brookville. Soon it was a thriving community with a corn mill, blacksmith shop, and leather working shop.

    The first stone building was built in the 1850s to house a general merchandise store. The three-story structure still stands on West Main Street.

    The town prospered with the addition of a hotel in 1853. A saloon and flour mill soon followed.

    In the 1850s, mail was delivered once a week from Austin. When the citizens decided they needed a local post office, they petitioned - only to discover another town named "Brookville" in Texas. To be granted a post office, a new name had to be selected. "Florence" was chosen, and to this day no record as to 'why' has been found. Some say Mr. Brooks selected it to honor his wife, some say it was his daughter, and others say it was simply because Florence had a "friendly" sound.

    No matter what the true reason might be, for those who have visited our little town, dined in our cafes, or toured our Gift Shops and Historic Buildings, 'Florence' will always mean "friendship".


    Aquatic & Hunting Opportunities

    Florence is centrally located to many lakes and rivers, including Lake Georgetown, Lake Belton, Stillhouse Hollow, Granger, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and the beautiful Lampasas River. All of these offer outstanding fun-in-the-sun whether it be water sports or fishing.

    This area is also rich in deer and game birds, providing great hunting opportunities for the "Great Outdoorsmen". 


    Our Community Churches


    Andice Baptist Church
    6570 Fm 970, Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2557

    Church of Christ
    103 E Tomlinson Street , Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2101

    First Baptist Church
    106 College Avenue , Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2221
    (254) 796-3421 (fax)

    Florence United Methodist Church
    302 East Curry Street , Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2535

    Lawler Baptist Church
    750 County Road 229, Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2414 

    Primitive Baptist Church
    100 Suttled
    Florence, TX 76527
    (254) 793-2862
    Services Every 2nd & 3rd Sunday at 10:30 AM

    Santa Rosa Catholic Church
    6400 Fm 970, Florence, TX 76527
    254) 793-2047